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This Privacy Statement applies to all forms of processing of personal data by the Foundation Requiem van Theresienstadt: Stemmen van Verzet, having its registered office at Amstel 306-1, 1017 AN Amsterdam, hereinafter called “Foundation”.

Personal data, hereinafter called “Personal data”, will be understood to mean all information about a person, and also data that say something directly or indirectly about someone or that can be traced back to an individual.

The Foundation may process Personal data of a person, hereinafter called “Data subject”, in the context of activities which it develops in the scope of the organization of the musical performance of the Requiem of Theresienstadt and ancillary cultural and/or educational components. The Foundation ensures that the Personal data that will be provided or otherwise obtained are treated confidentially and are protected as is prescribed by the applicable legislation: the General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter called “GDPR”.


If a Data subject is under 16, then the Foundation will process his or her Personal Data only if the parents or legal representatives have given consent to do so, after having read this Privacy Statement. This applies only as far as consent is also the basis for the processing. The Foundation will make every effort to check, taking into consideration the available technology, whether the parents or legal representatives have actually given consent to the processing.

Details of processing

How are the Personal data obtained? This may be done, among others:

  • by being provided by the Data subject on his or her own initiative – verbally or in writing -, for instance via the website, through third parties involved by the Foundation such as an organizer, or via a different signup channel;
  • by being obtained in the scope of the implementation of a contract;
  • by being made known to the Foundation by third parties, for instance in the scope of a commercial transaction and/or donation;
  • by being made known via public sources.

What Personal Data may be processed:

  • name, address and domicile;
  • contact details such as email address or telephone number;
  • bank details, invoice details, VAT number, if this is necessary for making payments;
  • date of birth, age, gender;
  • photo, user name, interests and preferences if needed for the project;
  • surfing/tapping behaviour on apps and/or websites specially used for projects, provided the processing has previously been consented to by (cookie) notice and/or pop up;
  • the current location via apps and/or websites, provided the processing has previously been consented to by (cookie) notice and/or pop up;
  • other information, including possibly special Personal data, but only if these have been provided by the Data subject himself or herself and after previous consent.

The Foundation does not always use all data, only if this is necessary for the purpose for which these have been processed.

Purposes for the processing are:

  • recording the cooperation or participation by the Data subject in the musical performance and/or another project;
  • obtaining copyright permission for the use of a photograph or a different work;
  • implementing a contract, for instance a contract for services, a participation contract, a quitclaim and/or the performance of services;
  • promotional purposes for the Foundation and/or its services.


The Foundation uses the correct basis in conformity with the GDPR, namely a. the implementation of the contract, b. consent, c. a legitimate interest of the Foundation (in the scope of which the Foundation will always weigh its interest against the privacy interest of the Data subject) or d. the compliance with a legal obligation.

The Foundation shares the Personal data only with other parties as far as and where this is necessary for the purposes for which these are collected. The Personal data can be shared with parties with whom the Foundation will make, as far as required, a processing contract, so the Personal Data will be protected and compliance with the GRPD will be guaranteed. If the Foundation shares the Personal data with a party outside the EU, then it will conclude a standard contract with the recipient that has been approved by the European Commission.

The data will not be stored any longer than necessary.

The Foundation takes care, allowing for the state of the art, of appropriate and technical measures in order to guarantee a security level tailored to the risk.

Rights of a Data subject

The Data subject has the right to, among other things, request access to and information, rectification, restriction, removal of his or her Personal data and/or withdrawal of consent given earlier, in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR. Such a request can be made by using the contact details stated on the website.

The Data subject is also entitled to lodge questions and/or complaints with the Foundation or the Personal Data Protection Authority about the processing of his or her Personal data.

The Foundation will reply to each request as soon as possible and not later than within four weeks after the receipt of the request.

There may be circumstances in which the Foundation cannot or cannot fully comply with the request. For instance, if there are legal storage periods and/or by reason of legal objections against processing for journalistic purposes or for the purpose of academic, artistic or literary expressions.

The Foundation will process only requests that relate to his or her sign up and/or his or her own Personal data. In order to be certain that the Foundation can provide the Personal data concerned to the correct person, the Foundation can require, for verification, that the Data subject proves his or her identity (by sharing solely the strictly necessary ID/passport data: with at least a protected passport photo and Citizen Service Number).

The Foundation reserves the right to adapt this Privacy Statement.

If there are questions and/or observations about the Privacy Statement and/or the processing of Personal Data, then these can be made by using the contact details on the website

19 July 2021